YAGNI Jenkins Edition

I’ve been working on what I mentioned last time WRT updating my website. The first step I’ve taken was preparing to migrate to a new webserver. I’ll detail what I’m using to do that, but this post is about simplifying things, and one of the simplest things I use is make.

Housekeeping 2021

I’ve been preoccupied over the last few months as I’m sure many others have been. Between the pandemic, the lockdown, and a death in my family, 2020 ended up being a pretty awful year. I decided I’d just put together a quick list of items I’m juggling and post them here.

Death of a Project

Looking at this page I found it funny that they mentioned my site, but what was really depressing was that none of the other sites loaded anymore. Well, may only host shortened links but it will remain up for the forseeable future.