This is my personal blog. All of the opinions are mine and you are free to disagree with them.

About me

I’m a college student graduate student programmer software developer software engineer web guy who works at a company doing webshit. I was previously a Flex developer who only dabbled in server-side stuff. However, we can all rejoice as Javascript has become the cause of and solution to the world’s problems. After 10 years working in software, I finally realized the truth that my career has mostly been babysitting a webshit data toilet.

About the site

As you will no doubt see in the footer, this site is powered by Octopress which I find to be exactly what I was looking for. It is written in Ruby and the content is written in Markdown. I was developing my own custom solution based on some threads I had seen on the net, but in the end Octopress provided all of the functionality I wanted and more with the ability to tweak it to my heart’s content.