This is my personal blog where I try to share things both technical and otherwise that deserve more than 140 characters. All of the opinions are mine unless otherwise noted. For my technical posts I will always try to provide access to a GitHub project because copy-pasting from a blog sucks.

About me

That's me

I’m a college student graduate student programmer software developer software engineer web guy who works at a company doing J2EE/Grails development. I was previously a Flex developer who only dabbled in server-side stuff. I’ve done alot of work with databases because, as it turns out, not many other people want to. I used to write C/C++ but then decided that wasn’t for me. I’m also an iOS developer with one application in the iTunes store. Currently my personal projects are all written using Ruby, specifically with with JRuby implementation. I do some iOS/Cocoa development for my iOS application but that’s still pretty new to me. I’m a huge nerd with an eclectic taste of movies, music and video games. I’m also pretty bad at descriptions, so you should follow me on Twitter because I do slightly better when limited to 140 characters.

About the site

As you will no doubt see in the footer, this site is powered by Octopress which I find to be exactly what I was looking for. It is written in Ruby and the content is written in Markdown. I was developing my own custom solution based on some threads I had seen on the net, but in the end Octopress provided all of the functionality I wanted and more with the ability to tweak it to my heart’s content.

About the name

Oh well a Touch Of Grey
Kind of suits you anyway.
That was all I had to say
It’s all right.

The Grateful Dead Touch of Grey


I’m sure that “Greymeister” seems to come out of nowhere but let me explain that it is a product of the WWW in the 90’s and all that implies. I was in high school and decided I needed a cool “handle” for the Internet. This was before Facebook made it kosher to use your real name on a web page and the only thing between you and your crappy website was your handle. I was a big fan of The Lord of the Rings (yes, the books, before the movies) and Gandalf was my favorite character. I tried to register [email protected] but unfortunately this was already taken. I fiddled with some of the alternates suggested, going from gandalf_the_grey or gandalfgrey etc. Finally, I decided I needed a bit of ingenuity to make sure that I could get a unique handle. I came up with greymeister somewhere between gandalf70 and gandalf_the_grey_master which, unbelievably, sucks even more than greymeister. I registered this domain either because was taken or I thought that sounded better. In the end I guess I might have gone with gandalf70, but I’d pretty much be stuck with it at this point.

Now, it seems like coming up with a cool handle has all but faded into the past with services like Facebook and Google+ plastering your identity all over the Internet. I don’t even think I can access my old Hotmail account, or maybe it is a account now, who knows. However, I still try to snag “greymeister” whenever a new service like GMail, Twitter, or StackOverflow comes along. There are a few times that I miss out due to some German dude being an early adopter and getting the name before me, but most of the time if you see “greymeister” posting something somewhere, it’s me. Old habits die hard I guess.