I Went Hybrid

Two days ago I purchased a new car, the Toyota Prius c. It was the best fit for me for several reasons:

  • It’s the cheapest car in the Prius lineup.
  • It gets the best fuel economy in the Prius lineup, and probably on the Toyota lot irrespective of the Plug-in model.
  • It is small, very easy to park in crowded garages or lots.
  • It is a hatchback, which means I can actually fit things into the trunk without being limited by a small opening.

My previous car is the 2002 BMW 325i, pictured below:

I bought it used with slightly less than 90K miles on it several years ago. It was certainly a fun car to drive, but the maintenance costs of an out-of-warranty car was the deciding factor in not buying a used car this cycle.