Moving Off of S3

So I moved the blog to S3 and now I’m moving it back off of S3. Mainly because the DNS headaches created by forwarding the naked domain to an S3 bucket wasn’t worth it.

Moving the Blog Back

I have decided after not posting for a long while to take down my Squarespace site. I’ll be hosting this older version built off of Octopress on S3 in case anyone happens to wonder back this way. Links will probably be broken but at least there will be something left here in case it was useful to anyone.

De-Applification Part 2: The Trash Can Had to Go

As mentioned in part 1 I decided to start removing my dependencies on the  company due to my increasing sense that their platform was becoming hostile to my usage patterns. The biggest, fanciest, and most expensive piece of hardware came in the form of my 2013 Mac Pro.